What Do Customers Really Want?

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– Scott Binnie, Zuzubuzz What does your customer really want? What do they need? What pain are you alleviating? Are you going to provide them with something unique, or can they get a similar product or service somewhere else? You had better think again if you feel that you can be successful just because you offer something new that is better than someone else’s. As the saying goes, no-one ever got rich reinventing the hula hoop. There are way too … Read More

Why Does Your Customer Buy From You?

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“Why does your customer buy from you?” is a key question for every aspiring entrepreneur and one that almost every successful company is able to answer. It’s particularly a crucial question for startups, disruptors, visionaries and passionate entrepreneurs to answer as quickly as they can upon opening their business. But, it’s not an easy question to really get your head around. Historically, conventional marketing wisdom has dictated that your customer buys from you because what you offer is cheaper, easier, … Read More

What & Who is Your Optimal Customer Profile?

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One of the most often heard problems facing visionaries, disruptors and truly passionate entrepreneurs is that they don’t know where to start to create a marketing strategy. Many spend most of their time and focus on the development and production of their services or product. A common belief is that their market is everyone, so just “getting out there” will bring success. There has been no thought towards identifying their optimal customer profiles. It is nearly impossible to think of … Read More

An Introduction to the 5 W’s of Digital Marketing Strategy

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You probably hear all the time about digital marketing, digital strategy or digital marketing strategy. But, what are they? Aren’t they all the same? Well, in a word, no. Digital means the same for all, or at least it should. Digital is the method of communicating or creating a marketing asset such as a website, email, a computer-generated image, etc.. It does not include anything created by hand such as paintings or text (until they are digitised). And, it does … Read More