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can Work Less and make More.

Attract more clients in less time and with less effort so you can enjoy your business and family and live your life again!

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If you're tired of...


how your personalized, caring service can’t be matched by the processes used by their bank.


your valuable time with leads who don’t qualify for or argue about the financing they want.


nights and weekends working instead of spending time on yourself or with family.


You mean I have to learn how to do something else now just so that I can compete?

Tired of trying to figure out when your work ends and your life begins?

Then, you may be an

Overworked and Underpaid
Financial Services Professional
who is constantly asking themself...
How can I build a
Successful Financial Service that runs on its own
(When I can't find the time to do it!)


I remember the day when I met John (not his real name) as if it were yesterday. He was always hustling new business and normally late for his meetings. He was guilty of trying to do everything himself at the expense of letting his business grow on its own.

John had a dream.

He had a dream to make enough money in order to provide for his family, and spend more time with his wife and their young children.

In his vision, the company was to grow from 8 employees to 20 and in the process break into 7 figures in annual revenues. That would enable him to get off the hamster wheel and spend the time he wanted to be involved with his growing family.

John is 'real people'. Maybe you can relate?

The problem was he wore too many hats and didn't know how to give some of them away.

He was sales, marketing, administration, management, finance and strategy. He was the guy who approved everything and the guy that everything had to be passed by.

Maybe you can relate?

There was never time to stop and plan. Who am I kidding? There was barely time for him to stop and think.

Flying by the seat of his pants was an understatement.

(Insert *sigh* here.)

Every weekday morning he would sit by his computer waiting to see the financial rates that would dictate the markets just a few hours later, all the while keeping an eye on the financial news channel turned on in his home office.

Sometimes he had a great idea following something he had seen, but didn't have the time or even the first idea how to market it.

Other times, he knew his existing client base would be perfect for an idea, but had no way to set it up for the website, a banner for Facebook, image for slides or an image for his newsletter.

Occasionally he knew if he could just figure out how to make a decent video, he could maybe get people to watch it somehow to bring in more business.

Maybe you can relate?

And John heard too often from his spouse: "What time are you coming home tonight?"

Finally, John eventually got to the point of asking himself these questions:

What can I do to create the marketing systems and processes I need to produce consistent income?

And, how can I make sure those strategies address the needs of my clients?

And, how can I make sure those strategies actually reach my clients?

And, what if I don't have a big budget, can I still have a marketing plan in place?

And finally, how can I distinguish my business from all my competition?

Before I tell you what I've found, let me tell you about some myths I've debunked along the way...

Myth #1


Great! Is it setup as a conversion-focused website to capture new, qualified leads?

Myth #2


We get all our business from referrals and social engagements.
Then why are you looking for other options online?

Myth #3


SURE... Because you have so much of that, right?

Myth #4


I promise you that something was wrong with your process.
Ads are only a piece of the puzzle. What did the rest of the customer journey look like?
What page were your leads sent to?

Maybe you can relate?
You can use custom developed online presentation and marketing strategies to identify and successfully attract the exact customers you want.
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What Zuzubuzz is...
Zuzubuzz is a next-generation digital agency focused on increasing your revenues and decreasing the time you need to spend on your small to medium sized financial service company.

What Zuzubuzz is NOT...

It's not some new fly-by-night outfit, but a service based on 20+ years experience with tried and true processes to increase sales based on research, and marketing methods.
Our services are not for financial service business owners who believe that online marketing isn't the premier technique essential to growth in today's marketplace. It is!
It's not for the DIY business owner who thinks they can take all of this on alone.
(... research, strategy, design, marketing, optimization, copywriting, analytics,
... good luck!)
This is not for those who would rather spend all their time working rather than spending time looking after themselves, their family, or setting themselves up for their future.
Our next available onboarding is

What Can You Expect?

Understanding your IDEAL customer

Knowing exactly who your primary customer is, learning about their needs and creating the solutions to ease their pain.

Creating a
Single Page
Marketing Plan

Developing the strategy to ensure that you reach the clientele you want to get to using the technology they’re familiar with.

Consultative Process for Ongoing Needs

An ongoing relationship that is focused on providing you with current research and ideas to increase and maintain success.

Timely Reports For Management Needs

We send monthly reports so we can determine what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to be changed.

A Secure, Comfortable Client Platform

You can be absolutely sure that your customers will be using a secure platform optimized for all devices.

A Bonus:
OMG - Really?

YES! We’ll give you the one thing you need to do NOW to get yourself re-positioned onto the road to success!

In Short... A Comprehensive Business Strategy!


How Much does it Cost?

We can't tell you what investment you will need to make until we fully understand the requirements of your situation. Our process begins with a series of rigorous and thorough discovery sessions to provide you with a solid plan to go forward.

How long and where are the meetings?

All meetings are held online. We know your time is precious, so we can work with you from the comfort of your own office. All you need is a camera and a decent headset or video conferencing equipment so that we can do all meetings via video-conference.

Why is Discovery Needed?

During the discovery sessions, we uncover not only the needs and goals of you and your company, but more importantly those of your customers and the pains you heal. After all, they are the people who will benefit from your products and services, right?

How Much Time Will I Have to Spend?

The time you need to invest will be about 6 hours during discovery sessions. Once the plan is in place and the project underway, we will schedule a weekly call with you to make sure that everything is on track and progressing properly. If deliverables (such as pre-made copy or images) are to be provided by you, then you will obviously have to spend the time necessary to do so.

Any Questions or Concerns?

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Scott Binnie, Founder & Chief Strategist

I'm a husband and a father of two. I'm also a geek and a life-long entrepreneur, online since 1994.

I've had my share of ups and downs over the years. Some ventures were successful while others not so much. Either way, I learned from my experiences.

Whether in real estate, securities, credit reporting, human resources, or running other marketing ventures, I've always been somehow connected to the consumer financial services industry.

I've faced many of the same struggles you may face now, but I've learned that there are ways to increase your profits while also increasing the time you get to spend on other things.

In short, I've learned how to attract more clients in less time and with less effort in order to be able to enjoy business and family and live life again!

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Millennials are now the fastest growing segment for most financial services. As a thank you for reading this page, I'd like you to have something we use internally as part of our strategic research, the ultimate guide to communicating effectively with Millenials. (I'll also be happy to periodically offer you information on other ways you can increase sales while decreasing time and effort so you can get your life back!) Simply complete the following form:

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