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Hiring the right branding agency for your business can be a tricky ordeal. Many will promise the moon but fail to deliver. Either they have a lack of expertise or an inadequate process for developing a branding strategy that resonates with your customers. If you want to make sure that you hire the right people then consider the following:

Experience is Important

How long has the company you hire been involved in branding? You should feel that the people you’re dealing with are not a fly-by-night organization that will go out of business overnight. The number of years of experience reflects on their knowledge of the process and having worked in different industries. Scott Binnie, our Chief Strategist, has been helping brand businesses since 1982.

Are You Kept Informed?

It is important that you feel comfortable with the transparency provided by the people you work with. Make sure that they go deep. They should thoroughly research your business and most importantly, your customers. Only that way can they develop a brand strategy that will work for you in sync with your market base.

Part of their process should contain a process for the work to be done. It should allow for a schedule for updates provided to you on their progress. The staff at Zuzubuzz always keeps you up-to-date on project status. And, our discovery process has proven to be a reliable method of creating a strategic mix to effectively promote your brand.

Zuzubuzz Branding — Not For Everyone

We want to work with Visionary Startups, Disruptors and seriously Passionate Entrepreneurs only. If you want a company that will work closely with you to seriously analyze who you are, what you do and how you can best solve the pain of your target customer then reach out!

Our process will enable you to spend more time in your business instead of on your business. Chances are, you will enjoy working with us, and be particularly pleased with the results we can bring.

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