So, What is Zuzubuzz, how is it Digital and who the heck is Scott Binnie?

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Although Zujzubuzz Digital was founded in 2018, our computer and marketing roots go back to 1982. Our founder, Scott Binnie, learned marketing just through being a life-long entrepreneur. He became involved with computers in 1982 and ran his first computer-related company by 1984. He got interested in online computing in 1992 and built his first website in 1994. By 1998 his websites were receiving over 250,000 pageviews per month. After just missing the timing for an Initial Public Stock Offering by 2 weeks when the "Tech Wreck" occurred in March of 2000, he expanded his web-based business line to include travel. Then, after the devastation of 9-11, no-one was in the mood for travel, and so running the business became untenable.  

By 2006, he was left with no choice but to build websites for others while learning more and more about how to adapt his marketing experience to the use of online channels.  Eventually, he got good at it. Scott never initially planned on providing marketing services for other companies until he realized in 2016 that he was not really getting paid properly for the design and consulting services he was providing, and that the services he was providing were not providing an appropriate Return on Investment for his clients. He decided to create a different kind of digital agency that was based on honesty, fully understanding the clients' business and only taking on clients that he can actually help. Instead of focusing on growing his own business, his number one focus has become growing his clients' businesses and providing a profitable and reliable ROI.

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Our Values Determine Our Actions

Our values have been developed over 40 years of business experience. We are successful only when you are.

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