So..., What is A Zuzubuzz, and who is this founder guy, Scott Binnie?

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Scott Binnie, Founder and Chief Strategist at Zuzubuzz, became an entrepreneur at the tender age of 5 when he used a metal detector to locate coins dropped by lovers at the base of trees surrounding Wimbledon Common in London, England. He used the proceeds to purchase "sweets" (candy) from the local sweetshop (candy store) to satisfy his wanton lust for Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles. (hey, this was the 1960s! Geesh!).

In the 50+ years since, he has started and/or run numerous businesses in various industries, from fishing to financial, and from digital portals and e-commerce to personnel placement, temporary help, landlord and tenant credit reporting, and even more than a few years spent spent as a musician. He began in computers as an operator and programmer in 1982, and began building websites in 1994. 

Scott has built sites that received as much as 2+ million pageviews per month. Since 2005, he has been helping others with their digital marketing and growth efforts. In 2019, Zuzubuzz was created for SMBs to be able to access an advisory board similar to a Board of Directors for a major listed corporation, at a fraction of the price. 

Unfortunately the pandemic set in, and the companies in the target market were scrambling to find a way to survive the next payroll. Survival overcame growth as the primary directive!

With all that experience as an entrepreneur, Scott knew instinctively how to pivot, and reorganized the program to suit solopreneurs, startups and small business operators; the people he was interacting with online daily.

Zuzu-Academy was conceived in order to provide the same type of Fractional Chief Growth Officer services to the solopreneur, startup and small business operator that Zuzubuzz normally would have offered larger corporations, but at a lower price-point. 


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