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Stop Here IF...

1. You Can't Work With...

… people who feel they succeed only when you do!

2. It's a Waste of Time...

… for you to use Digital Marketing Strategies to reach customers.

3. You Just Love...

… failing to meet Investors’ goals instead of exceeding expectations.

4. WHAT? ...

“There are actually people who WANT to help me be successful?”

Are you tired of people telling you that you can't do it?
Then maybe you're a . . .

Passionate but Frustrated Entrepreneur!

constantly asking yourself...


"Why don't THEY get it?
AND, how do I prove to them that my ideas really work?"

(When You know you don't really have the research or knowledge to explain it!)?


I remember the day when I first met Jason and Emma (not their real names). They were always hustling their new idea but were normally late for meetings, answering emails and phone calls. They were forever trying to do too much of everything at the expense of letting their business grow.

Jason and Emma had a dream.

They wanted to help people by disrupting an industry with a new software application. But, they had spent too much of their energy and resources building their product and getting financial backing. They had overlooked the importance of developing a strategic marketing plan to identify exactly who their ideal customers were and what pain their solution addressed. They couldn't figure out how to best reach those customers.

Jason was also in a personal relationship that was moving towards marriage and a family. He sincerely wanted to spend quality time doing the things that he and his partner had in common, including hobbies, outdoor activities and planning for that family.

As visionaries, Jason and Emma felt their company could grow from the 2 of them to over 50 employees. In the process, they felt they could break 8 figures in annual revenues within 5 years. That growth would mean they could both could get off the hamster-wheel in order to spend more time in their private lives.

Jason and Emma are 'real people'. Maybe you can relate?

The problem was they wore too many hats (some of which didn't fit well). They had no idea how to plan to give any of them up, or even who to give them to.

They both worked at sales, marketing, administration, management, finance and strategy. Both had to approve of every and all expenditures. Even their mentors and investors told them that they were keeping too tight a rein on the business and trying to do too much.

Again, maybe you can relate?

There was less and less time to stop and plan. Who am I kidding? There was hardly time for them to even stop and think!

Flying by the seat of the pants was an understatement.

(Insert *sigh* here.)

Every morning they would get on their laptops and stare at their screens, not knowing what to do first. Emma would look to see how many new visitors had been to the website. But, she couldn't really understand what the numbers meant. She didn't know whether the visitors were new or returning, where they were from, or why there was no reflection in interest. So, she would discuss her findings with Jason. Together they would scratch their heads for a while and then say to each other: "We either have to find the time to learn this stuff or find someone else who already knows it!". But it never went further.

Sometimes one of them would get a great  idea about how to try to connect with some of their users. But, they didn't have the time or even the first idea how to accomplish it. If they could just figure out how to make people see the advantages of their app, they were sure that customers would keep their website humming. But, Jason and Emma didn't know how to make it happen.

Maybe you can relate?

And on top of that, Jason heard too often from his personal partner: "What time are you coming home tonight?", for which his standard answer was "When I get this stuff done!"

Eventually Emma and Jason got to the point of asking themselves these questions:

How do we figure out what marketing systems and processes we need to start generating consistent, reliable income?

How can we develop strategies and processes to consistently service the needs of our clients?

How can we make sure those strategies will convert our leads into buyers?

If we don't have a big budget, can we still put an effective marketing plan in place?

And finally, how can we distinguish our business from any potential competition that springs up?

But, before I give you the answers,
let me tell you about some myths I've debunked along the way...

Myth #1


Great! Is it setup as a conversion-focused destination that constantly sends you new, qualified leads who leave you ways to get in touch with them?

Myth #2


If you're happy getting all your business from referrals and social engagements,then what are you doing wasting your time here, looking for other options online?

Myth #3


ABSOLUTELY! SURE... Because you have so much of that, right?

Myth #4


What did you try?

Perhaps someone provided you with a Google or Facebook Pay-Per-Click ad campaign.

Or, maybe you started using social media, or did you write a series of blog posts?

These activities are only options available as individual parts of a piece of a much bigger puzzle.

What did the rest of your customer journey look like?

Was what you were doing based on solid research and planning?

Was there a fully laid out digital marketing strategy developed?

Did you spend the time to understand exactly who your ideal customer is and how to reach them?

Did you incorporate a funnel system to collect leads?

How were the results analysed? 

Or, were you just not made aware of how your online business could influence your overall profit margin?

Maybe you can relate?

Did you know that Zuzubuzz Digital can provide you with a custom online marketing strategy to identify and convert the customers you're looking for so that you can spend your time growing your business and living your life?

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What Zuzubuzz is...

Zuzubuzz is a next-generation digital marketing agency focused on strategies to increase revenues and the time you can spend on your business by decreasing the amount of time you have to spend in your business.

What Zuzubuzz is NOT...

1. It's not some fly-by-night outfit. We've been at this since 1992 (25+ years), using processes we've developed to increase sales and ROI based on proven research and marketing methodology.

2. It's not for those who know everything they need to grow a successful business in today's digital marketplace. Current research points to a multi-channel strategy as they key! What's yours?

3. It's not for the DIY business owner who knows they can go it alone. (...research, strategy, design, SEO, copywriting, social media, multimedia, PR, maintenance, analytics, etc...
Good luck!)

4. It's not for those who would rather spend their time working at the expense of balancing time between their business, their family and creating a personal future.
Work/life balance is crucial!

If you think we're the type of strategists who can help, we're looking to onboard new clients

What Can You Expect?

Understanding your IDEAL customer

We’ll help you identify your primary customer and help you understand how to alleviate their pain so that they need you.

A Single Sheet Marketing Plan

We’ll work with you to develop a strategy to ensure that you access the target market that will make you profitable.

Consulting for Ongoing Needs

An ongoing relationship that is focused on providing you with current research and ideas to maintain and increase success.

Timely Reports For Management Needs

We’ll provide monthly reports so that we can determine what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to be changed.

A Secure, Comfortable Client Platform

You can be absolutely sure that we will provide your customers with a secure online platform that is optimized for all devices.

Free Bonus

We’ll tell you the one thing you need to do NOW to make sure that you get yourself positioned on the road to success!

In Short... A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy!


How Much will it Cost?

We can't tell you what you should investment in your business until we fully understand the needs and pain of your customers. Our process begins with a series of sessions called "Discovery" to provide you with a solid plan to go forward.

Where and when are the meetings?

All meetings are held online. We know your time is precious, so we work with you directly from the comfort of your own office. All you need is a webcam and a decent headset or speakers and microphone so that we can do all meetings via video-conferencing.

Why is so much Discovery Needed?

The discovery processenables us to uncover not only the needs and goals of you and your company, but more importantly those of your customers and the pains you help them heal. After all, they are the people who will benefit from what you offer, right?

How Much Time Will I Have to Spend?

You will generally invest 4 to 6 hours over the course of a month for discovery. If you choose us to execute the proposed plan, we will then schedule weekly progress calls to ensure that the project is kept on track. If deliverables are to be provided by you, then you will have to spend the time to do so.

Any Questions or Concerns?

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Scott Binnie, Founder & Chief Strategist

I'm a husband and a father of two. I'm also a geek and a life-long entrepreneur since  highschool in 1976  (on pc's since 1982, and online since 1992).

I've had my share of ups and downs over the years.  Many ventures were successful while others... well, let's just say many ventures were successful (LOL).

Either way, I've learned a great deal from my experience over 40 years in business and marketing.

In fact, whether working in the performing arts, real estate, other financial services, securities, credit reporting, human resources, sportfishing, travel or online ventures, I've always been connected to marketing endeavours.

Most likely, I've faced many of the same struggles you may be facing right now. However, I've learned that there are ways to realize consistent growth while also increasing the time you get to spend on other things.

Life/work balance is crucial.

In short, I've learned how to attract more clients in less time and with less effort in order to be able to enjoy business and family and live life again!

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Millennials are now the largest segment for most emerging businesses. As a thank you for reading this far, I'd like you to have something we use internally as part of our strategic research, the ultimate guide to communicating effectively with Millenials. (I'll also be happy to periodically offer you information on other ways you can increase sales while decreasing time and effort so you can set your company in growth mode and get your life back!) Simply complete the following form:

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